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Woman at Harmony Dental in Eugene, OR holding cheek due to tooth acheThere are a lot of different dental procedures for dealing with one or more troublesome teeth. From just removing the decay or damage done and applying some type of artificial restoration device, to having the tooth removed and replaced, the right procedure for you will depend on your personal case. When a person is in need of a tooth extraction, it is not the kind of dental service that should be put off.

We encourage all of our patients, both old and new, to visit our clinic here at Harmony Dental anytime they feel like they need any type of serious treatment. And most of the time when someone needs an extraction, they know very quickly that the problem is serious.

How a Tooth Extraction Procedure Works

There are a number of reasons that someone may need to have one or more teeth removed. Their particular situation and the details of their condition will determine what type of removal process they undergo. In a simple extraction, the tooth will be loosened using an instrument of the doctors’ preference. After that, the tooth is removed by the method deemed best by our dental professional.

If the tooth has broken at or near the gumline or if it has ruptured inside the gum, a more in depth surgical procedure may be necessary. This will include an anesthetic which numbs the tooth, as well as the bone and gum tissue around it.

Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

One example would be overcrowding or too many teeth. This is not an uncommon condition, especially in older children and young teenagers who are getting closer to their full set of adult teeth.

Another reason would be to begin to repair dental trauma and injury. This type of situation can be the result of a contact sport or physical activity, any type of accident involving damage to your mouth, as well as countless other possibilities. Of course, a very common cause of extraction procedures is decay. Any of these is a reason to come into our clinic immediately.

Various Replacement and Restorative Techniques

There are multiple options for the restoration of the extracted tooth once the process is complete and it has healed to the satisfaction of the dentist. Once you are ready to look at the possibilities, you will discuss them personally with our dental care practitioner. These may or may not include such options as crowns, bridges, inlays or onlays, dentures, and several others.

What Can Happen When Extraction Is Delayed

This is no problem to ignore. People who do not make themselves come and get a checkup when they know something is wrong are setting themselves up for much more serious issues in a very short time. A tooth that needs to be extracted is often infected. These infections can spread and begin to cause numerous other oral health concerns.

Putting off an extraction of a damaged or bothersome tooth can lead to a number of other serious problems. To set up an appointment with one of our dentists here at Harmony Dental, simply give our office a call at (541) 246-3250.
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Putting off an extraction of a damaged tooth can lead to a number of other serious problems. To set up an appointment at Harmony Dental, give our office a call.
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